Tips for Going Green this Christmas

Hello lovelies,

How are we?

As we edge ever closer towards the BEST time of the year, I thought this was a good post to write. As many of you know, my business ethos is all about sustainable living and creating products which cause no harm to the environment, whether that is the release of chemicals and toxins, or single use plastic and other non-recyclable materials. All of my packaging is 100% recyclable and sustainable (and the shredded paper packing that I use has already been recycled). Unfortunately though, at Christmas time the vast majority of gift wrap and packaging is NOT recyclable, especially the foil or glitter type gift wraps. So, I thought it would only be fitting to provide a few tips on how we can all be a little more eco-friendly this Christmas.

· The first tip is making use of a reusable advent calendar, or buying only those which have fully recyclable packaging (like mine)! You could purchase a wooden or a textile version of a reusable one which you can bring out every year rather than buying a disposable one each time. This will reduce your disposable waste, particularly the plastic inserts which typically cannot be recycled after use. All of my advent calendar packaging can be recycled so please ensure that you are doing just that if you have purchased one of mine this year.

· My second tip is to be conscious about your wrapping. Use recyclable paper such as brown paper, or even newspaper which has no coatings on so can be recycled. To decorate you could use natural products such as twine, cinnamon sticks, dried orange or even some holly sprigs rather than your typical plastic ribbon and bows. You can also use some recyclable or paper tape to ensure that your wrapping is 100% sustainable.

· Disposable plastic decorations such as tinsel, banners and bunting also cause problems after the festive period has passed. You could go old school and make paper chains, or use things like dried oranges, holly and cinnamon to create your own natural and sustainable decorations. You could even create your own real wreath out of natural materials. Or you could just stick to buying decorations that will last year after year so that your disposable waste is reduced.

· Buying gifts that last would be a huge help this Christmas. We all love a joke gift, but often these little cheap gifts are the ones which are discarded as soon as the big day is over. Reduce this additional waste by giving meaningful gifts which last or can at least be recycled. I will just add that all of my candle containers can be recycled, or traded back to me for a 10% discount off your next purchase. If you are buying other people my candles as gifts please ensure that they are aware of this. All of my wax melt packaging is also recyclable too!

· Secret Santa’s are also a good way of reducing your overall waste too because there are not as many gifts to be given out and therefore there is much less packaging to throw away. Why not consider doing something like this this year? It works so well, especially if you have a larger family.

· Using LED Christmas lights is also on my list this year! These are up to 80% more efficient in their energy usage than traditional lighting. They may be the slightly more expensive option, but they are definitely worth the investment because over time they will last longer as well as helping out our planet. Can’t be bad can it?

· Finally, reducing your food waste after Christmas is important. Whilst it is easy to say ‘only buy what you need’ if you’re like me you will over-buy because you will panic that you haven’t enough food. (Although this year that may be easier if we’re not allowed to see people!) However, there are ways of using up all of the leftovers from Christmas. At home we rarely throw anything away because I always like to make use of whatever we have in the fridge. If you get stuck or have no inspiration, have a quick google because there are so many wonderful ideas for what you can do with your Christmas left overs! Using disposable crockery and crackers also cause chaos at Christmas so make sure that you are using recyclable or plastic free crackers, and (if we are allowed people round) be mindful of the crockery that you use. If you don’t have enough, maybe ask your guests so bring some from home rather than buying plastic cutlery or plates which cannot be recycled or used again.

Whilst we can all do our bit this Christmas it is also worth remembering that we are not all perfect. If you can do one or two things to reduce your environmental impact this Christmas then it will help. Remember a little goes a long way! Please be sure to share this with your friends and family; the more we can get behind this, the more of a difference we can make. I’d love to see some snaps of your efforts too so don’t be afraid to tag me on Facebook or Instagram. Any other ideas for going green this Christmas are also welcomed so please comment below!

Stay safe!

Love & (virtual) hugs,

Katie x