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Why Choose Soy Candles?

When it comes to choosing a candle, it shouldn’t just be the scent which you consider. Many people don’t realise just how important it is to choose a candle with natural wax base. Candles can be made out of a variety of different waxes such as paraffin wax, palm wax, soy wax or beeswax (to name just a few) and each wax has different properties which affect how well a candle burns, scent throw etc. However, not all of these waxes are goof for us, or the environment. Staggeringly, the world’s largest candle company continues to use toxic paraffin wax as a base for their candles and wax melts. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, and when burned produces a black soot and releases chemicals into their air which may then be breathed in by us and our pets. It was due to this shocking discovery that Yogi Candle Studio was born in an attempt to create clean burning and non-toxic candles which still smell amazing, whilst promoting positivity and self-love all at the same time! We use 100% soy wax for all of our candles and wax melts which results in high quality, clean burning and long-lasting products which are good for us, and the environment.

What Is Soy Wax?

Soy wax is a type of vegetable wax which is derived from the oils of soyabeans. The process of turning soy beans into wax involves harvesting, cleaning, cracking, de-hulling and rolling into flakes. The oil is then extracted from these flakes, and any leftover flakes can be used for things like animal feed in order to minimise waste.

For our candles and wax melts we use 100% EcoSoya waxes which are produced in the UK, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable. They ensure that the soya beans used in their waxes are ethically farmed and do not contribute to deforestation.

Why Choose Soy Wax?

Here at Yogi Candle Studio, we not only want to produce some seriously incredible scented candles, we also want to be kind to our planet. We think it is so important for businesses to be as eco-conscious as possible as this would make an enormous difference to the world. For us, we wanted a high-quality product which did not come at the cost to the environment. Although paraffin wax is much cheaper, therefore resulting in a much cheaper candle, it is not a sustainable resource. Soy (if ethically farmed) is a sustainable resource which we can continue to grow and use in many years to come. It is biodegradable, vegan friendly and chemical free.

Soy candles also burn much slower than paraffin candles, which results in a longer lasting product. They are also clean-burning and whilst a little bit of soot is natural with any candle, if the wick is kept trimmed before each use, our candles should emit very little soot compared to a paraffin candle which produces an awful lot. Soy wax also produces an excellent scent throw, which means that no additives are required to improve the performance of our candles. We do not use any additives or chemical nasties in our candles or melts, just 100% soy.

So now you all know why we choose soy! We take pride in the quality of every candle and melt and we want your experience to be the best it can be. Our vision is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business which looks after ourselves as well as the environment. We are continuing to develop our range of scents, packaging, and production methods to ensure that we keep growing sustainably.

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